April 1, 2012
Prisoner’s Dilemma.

This book is awesome. (As you can probably tell from my quoting the shit out of it lately.) I honestly don’t think I could write a review to do it justice, at least not until I re-read it a few more times. The way this book deals with identity, freedom, family, mental illness, war, escapism, the power of the individual, etc….it’s all superbly well done and really unlike anything I’ve read. The characters feel like people I’ve met, the plot feels like something I lived even though it’s not action-based and has way more to do with exploring the characters than anything else. I felt wholly satisfied after reading the last word, and it reminds me how few books I’ve actually read recently that resound with me this way. (Maybe next year, I should try for 100 AMAZING books instead.) Go read this now! ‘Kay?